The core of the awards selection process is the Tech Breakthrough Awards judges panel. Each Tech Breakthrough Award program is judged by an independent panel of judges that are experts within the respective awards program categories. Tech Breakthrough judges have earned reputations for credibility within their fields with hands-on, relevant professional experience, including senior-level, experienced technology professionals, journalists, analysts and technology executives.

The winners are selected with the concept of identifying and recognizing BREAK THROUGH products, platforms, people and companies. Evalutions of nominations will consider items such as, but not limited to:

– Engineering quality and innovation

– Overall design and aesthetic, including hardware design where applicable, or UI/UX where applicable

– Innovation in concept, function and real-world usage.

The panels convene once a nomination period has ended and the deliberations begin. The panel gives a numerical value to each of the award nominations. The highest rated entry in a category is selected as a winner. If there is a tie-score, the final decision will be in the hands of Tech Breakthrough founder, Steven Johansson.